Month: December 2017

MBOT asks for local share of cannabis sales

The Mississauga Board of Trade (MBOT) is calling on the federal and provincial governments to share the cannabis excise tax revenue with municipalities. In doing so, MBOT supports a recent move by the City of Mississauga to ask senior levels of government to share the wealth when it comes to marijuana. Both the city and MBOT believe they need the funds to offset costs of the new legal-cannabis system in Canada, such as monitoring regulations and enforcement of updated laws. “Cities shouldn’t be on the hook for increased costs because senior levels of government have made policy decisions beyond...

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StatsCan says Canadians spending as much on marijuana as wine

With the Government of Canada poised to legalize access to cannabis for non-medical purposes in 2018, Statistics Canada released a report, on Dec. 18, estimating consumption of the herb from 1960 to 2015. The study estimates 4.9 million cannabis consumers in Canada, aged 15 and older in 2015, including both medical and non-medical use. That translates to an estimated 697.5 tonnes of weed. Assuming a price range of $7.14 to $8.84 per gram, the estimated value of cannabis consumption in Canada in 2015 ranged from $5 billion to $6.2 billion, making the pot market roughly one-half to two-thirds of the size of the $9.2 billion beer market or about 70 to...

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Caledon budget calls for upgrades, infrastructure

Caledon ratepayers will see an overall tax increase of 2.83 per cent in 2018. That means an increase of $24.30 for every $100,000 of residential assessment. The amount is combination of taxes with the town, Peel Region, and the local school boards. Caledon’s actual increase was set at 5.97 per cent following budget debates. “The 2018 budget is our foundation to help ensure that we are working towards a vibrant and prosperous Caledon,” said Mayor Allan Thompson. “Council, through a public collaborative process, fully debated a budget that is measurable, attainable, realistic and time-sensitive so that the town can...

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Money leads to airport transit deadlock

Mississauga promises to hold up the creation of “Union Station West” until it settles long-standing money issues with the operators of Pearson Airport. On Dec. 13, city councillors put a halt to any talk about the proposed transit hub to force the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) to address the issues, some of which the sides have been arguing about for almost 20 years. A statement released by the GTAA said it is disappointed in Mississauga’s move and indicated it would continue to work with other municipalities on a regional transit program. The airport, while geographically located in Mississauga,...

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Don’t sugar coat it

by Shana Daniel, RHN While sugar and spice make everything nice, after 31 days of December indulgence, it’s most likely the last ingredient we want to think about in our New Year. When it comes to sugar, we have mixed notions of whether it’s okay in moderation, downright poisonous or acceptably sweet as a chemical alternative. Natural sugars exist in virtually all you consume. Fruits and vegetables, starches, both solids and liquids contain it. The question is where the nutrient density lies in the choices made to incorporate it into your daily regimen. Your body breaks down proteins and...

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