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Will you #ChooseToInclude

On July 21, as part of the Global Day of Inclusion celebration, Tim Hortons will offer a Special Olympics Donut with all proceeds going to Special Olympics programs across Canada. Participating Tim Hortons restaurants will feature the donut created by Special Olympics athlete Savannah Lussier, a 14-year-old from Alberta. Working closely with Tim Hortons, she created the donut using her favourite flavours: a delicious Honey Cruller dipped in chocolate fondant, topped with red and white sprinkles – which are the colours of Special Olympics. “Sports has let me meet so many of my friends and I was so excited to make this donut to celebrate,” says Lussier. “Making...

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Keep your cool

By Shana Daniel, RHN Time to raid the grocery freezers for ice cream, gelatos, popsicles and smoothies. When your body starts to heat up, whether it’s due to exercise, work or outside temperature, your brain reacts by releasing sweat from more than 2.5 million eccrine glands spread out across nearly all of your body, pouring liquid through pores to lower your body temperature. When sweat simply drips off you and hits the floor, it can’t lower your body temperature. To reap the cooling effect of sweat, that salty liquid must evaporate off the skin and turn into a gas....

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Get your nature dose on July 20 at Ontario Parks

Enjoy the health benefits of nature with free day-use at all provincial parks on July 20. Ontario provincial parks play a vital role in the protection of the natural environment, but did you know spending time in nature is good for your health too? Ontario Parks supports Healthy Parks Healthy People, a worldwide movement that showcases the very important role that healthy green space plays in human health. The research is clear: spending time in nature improves our physical, mental, and social well-being. On July 20, visitors can enjoy the many outdoor activities Ontario Parks has to offer. Whether...

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Hydro One CEO retires

On July 11, Hydro One announced Chief Executive Officer Mayo Schmidt is retiring from the company, effective immediately. The board of directors has also declared their intent to step down through a managed process that will conclude before Aug. 15. “Our government was elected on a promise to lower electricity bills for the people of Ontario,” said Greg Rickford, new energy, northern development and mines minister, in a statement. “This included a promise to address governance at Hydro One. “Given the critical importance of Hydro One to our province’s electricity system, our government will be closely engaging in the leadership...

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Higher interest rates take a bite out of housing affordability

The little bit of housing affordability relief that Canadian homebuyers enjoyed in late 2017 slipped away in the first quarter of 2018, according to the latest Housing Trends and Affordability Report, issued July 3 by RBC Economic Research. An average Canadian household needed to allocate 48.4 per cent of their income to carry the costs of owning a home purchased in the first quarter. That was a multi-decade high and represented a 0.4 percentage points increase relative to the previous quarter. A rise in the measure constitutes a loss of affordability. “Higher mortgage rates were the main contributor to the...

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