Author: Vern Hodgins

Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast

In a time of cynicism and criticism directed at our governments, it’s important to pause and consider the contributions our leaders and public servants make to our community and to pray for their well-being. A variety of local Christian churches gathered parishioners to pray, sing and listen to speakers, including Mayor Allan Thompson, on May 16 at Caledon’s Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast. Reverend Dean Kennedy recounted how, at one time, he could not envision anything more boring than a Mayor’s prayer breakfast, especially one at seven in the morning. “Actually, at that point in my life,” he said, “I could...

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Bridge, denture or implant?

A few thousand years ago, if you needed some new teeth, it was a whole lot easier than it is today. The tribal healer simply sifted through a pile of human and animal teeth for some good matches, drilled little holes through them, looped them together like beads and tied them off to the adjacent teeth. It wasn’t a bad bargain for a basket of figs and nuts, and maybe a few barbecued squirrels. However, recycled teeth didn’t last. They rotted. Eventually, artisans began sculpting teeth from ivory using elephant, walrus and hippopotamus tusks. Tusks are teeth after all,...

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Brampton is the future

Popular 1960s animated television series, The Jetsons, featured a family living high above the ground in the futuristic Orbit City. They nip around in their glass-domed flying saucer car and, when not flying, zoom along on conveyor-belt sidewalks. Robots and newfangled contraptions look after their every need and, with all that saved time, they find themselves in plenty of hilarious predicaments. A look at the ambitious Brampton 2040 Vision might reveal where internationally-renowned Professor Larry Beasley, as a young teen, may have found his inspiration. He’s the fellow who planned the much-admired downtown core in Vancouver, which made him...

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Affordable futures for 13 families

Thirteen Brampton families will soon know for the first time what it’s like to have a place they can call their very own. No more cold, cramped, basement apartments, no more wondering if they’ll ever be able to realize their dreams of owning a home. Thanks to the initiatives of “Habitat for Humanity GTA” and to the many donors, sponsors, and volunteers who step up to help out, the future’s looking bright for all. On a sunny and warm early-May morning, a ribbon cutting ceremony took place just south of Chris Gibson Rec Centre on McLaughlin Road North. “We...

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Good news for the Badlands

This spring, Caledon’s Cheltenham Badlands will open to the public. On Olde Base Line Road just east of Creditview Road, this patch of Martian-like topography lures photographers, artists, students, and sightseers from near and far. Unfortunately, the growing popularity of the site has seen a few problems. Traffic congestion and cars parked helter-skelter along the shoulders of the roads presented a safety concern. As well, evidence of erosion from pedestrian traffic on the terrain called for action to protect the site’s unique natural beauty. The Cheltenham Badlands management planning team came into being under the direction of the Ontario...

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