Brampton company to sell medical cannabis online

PureSinse is among the latest companies to be granted a licence to sell medical cannabis online. Health Canada issued the company, a subsidiary of Pure Global Cannabis Inc., a licence under the Cannabis Act, PureSinse announced Jan. 11.

Eligible and pre-registered Canadian medical patients can soon select from two dozen cannabis products offered by PureSinse through its new eCommerce website. The company is leading one of the largest real-world evidence-based clinical studies, which it says will help guide the therapeutic benefits of specific cannabis strains for commonly-reported medical symptoms.

As part of its sales licence, PureSinse can also sell products into the adult-legal consumer market through provincially-licensed retailers, for which it’s launching consumer products tailored to specific market segments.

“This is a significant milestone for us and something we have been vigorously preparing for over the last several months,” said Malay Panchal, Pure Global CEO. “We feel the medical community has been hugely underserviced with poor patient and physician education and product offerings – areas we hope to be trailblazers in and make a significant contribution to in 2019.”

The company’s Brampton campus houses facilities for vertically-farmed cultivation, research and development, extraction, manufacturing, and distribution. It will produce cannabis products for the medical, pharmaceutical, wellness, health and beauty, natural health, food and beverage, and recreational legal markets.

In December, Shoppers Drug Mart was granted a licence to sell medical marijuana online. Visit Health Canada to learn about access to cannabis for medical purposes, licensed producers of cannabis for medical purposes and more.

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