Brampton Garden Square grows the community

Since 2011, the City of Brampton grew three times faster than the national average. That meant more buildings, more businesses, more traffic and, of course, more people. When a city grows like this it’s easy to forget that, despite all the things that come with growth, community and culture are not automatic.

The growth of community and culture requires extra attention. Fortunately, the city has built itself a garden.

Garden Square, meant to be the heart of culture and community, is open everyday this summer, with culture blooming like flowers. It offers a variety of artistic, cultural and theatrical events where the city can come together every week and this summer is no exception. The entire summer is filled with a mix of free weekly events and special shows.

Every Monday night, local filmmakers and digital media artists showcase their work on the big screen. Each week, there are a range of either short and full-length films, YouTube stars, music videos and anything else the young artists of Brampton can dream up.

On Tuesdays, organizers encourage you to think outside the box with “Unboxed,” an event for young people to come out and try something new while connecting with others. Each week features something new, from spoken word to painting and sports to sea cadets.

Wednesday is when the Brampton’s local music comes out to shine. Sponsored by Long and McQuade, bands and artists from around the city get a chance to rock the Garden Square stage. Organizers call it a chance to, “stand witness to the incredible talent coming out of our city”.

Thursday nights offer a chance to see the best of Bollywood, under the stars. Working with the International Film Festival of South Asia, organizers have chosen family-friendly Bollywood films for all to enjoy. Singing and dancing is encouraged.

The Square becomes one of the GTA’s premier live music venues this summer with Friday Night Live. Promoters have selected up-and-coming talent from around southern Ontario and beyond to bring a glimpse of music’s future to Brampton. The program will feature a range of jazz, rock, hip-hop, indie, and rap throughout the summer.

“We’ve played Brampton before,” says Stephen Joffe, who will front the band Birds of Bellwoods on Aug. 31. “But I can’t wait to play outside in the Square. I find that the people get a bit more wild outside.”

Wild or not, the most popular weekly event in the Square is Saturday Night Movies, where families are treated to a double feature of box office hit films. This August features titles like Zootopia, Jumanji, The Greatest Showman and A Wrinkle in Time. The full schedule is available here. Remember to come early and take part in pre-film activities, meet costumed characters, experience pop-up performances and enter giveaways too.

In addition to the weekly schedule, there are special events planned for most Sundays.

On August 12, The Brampton streetdance community takes over the Square at noon for Park N Wreck. There will be dance battles, cyphers, social dancing and even free workshops. The event is designed specifically to be enjoyed by experienced fans of dance as well as newcomers. These artists definitely want to dance for you, but they also expect participation from the crowd as well. Come prepared to join in.

On August 19, a community dance project that combines Bollywood and contemporary dance inhabits the square at 1 p.m. It features a performance, a workshop and then a dance party. Absolutely everyone is welcome, regardless of skill level.

Then, as the summer winds down, The Mainland Kitchen Band and Jason R Martin invite you to their East Coast Kitchen Party on Aug. 26 at 2 p.m. Any one who loves good music and laughter, from east-coasters-at-heart to the curious, are invited. Feel free to build your own ugly stick and bang along at this family-friendly event.

Detailed information for events and activities can be found online here.

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