Emergency preparedness starts with being able to quickly identify a property location for first responders. Thanks to a coordinated initiative by the Peel Federation of Agriculture, Ontario Federation of Agriculture and The Town of Caledon, farmers can now apply for a municipal number for any vacant farm field to help first responders find an address in the case of an emergency.

“I encourage all farm-field owners to apply for a municipal number,” said Mayor Allan Thompson.

A municipal number will be issued by the town at the request of the property owner. Owners are advised that various information is needed. Visit caledon.ca/municipalnumbers for additional information on how to apply.

In 2014, seven-year-old Emily Trudeau died from a farming accident when first responders were not able to locate her in time, due to no municipal number on her family’s farm. Her death brought awareness to the reality that farmers often work alone on large agricultural properties that may not have any buildings or landmarks present, making it difficult for emergency workers to find them if a disaster occurs. In 2017, Farm 911: The Emily Project began in Eastern Ontario.

Visit Farm911.ca for more information.

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