Changes coming to Brampton Soccer Centre

The Brampton Soccer Centre is being transformed into an indoor/outdoor multi-sport facility. A number of renovations are currently underway and a new dome and two turf fields are planned to be built next year to extend the use of the outdoor fields.

“Residents and user groups told us, during the development of the Parks and Recreation Master Plan, that we need to enhance the diversity of sport facilities available across the city,” said Brampton Mayor Linda Jeffrey. “The renovations at the Brampton Soccer Centre will provide more sport options at this location to better serve the community and support an active, healthy lifestyle.”

As the popularity of different sports has shifted in recent years, there has been an increased demand for gymnasium space across the city. Fieldhouse D, which is often used as a temporary gymnasium, has recently been converted to a semi-permanent gymnasium through the installation of a new floor. The new gym floor will improve the quality of the surface and expand the kind of sports that can be played at the location. It also provides an important additional venue option for tournaments and other events. The new flooring can still be removed if necessary for a major sporting event.

A new, weather-proof dome will be built over one field to allow for year-round use. The dome will cover the field from November to April each year. A small outbuilding will be constructed near the dome to provide washroom and changeroom facilities to players. The dome is being installed on the field furthest from residential homes to minimize impact on the neighbourhood.

In addition, two outdoor fields are being converted to artificial turf with lights to make the fields suitable for a variety of sports, extend their playing season and reduce rain closures.

When construction is complete, the facility will be renamed Brampton Sports Centre to better reflect the multi-sport uses the centre will offer.

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