City of Mississauga’s five year energy conservation plan an environmental success

The City of Mississauga has successfully completed its previous five-year energy plan and will begin a new one for 2019-2023. The plan addresses climate change and energy usage in City buildings.

Within the last five years, the City’s Energy Management team implemented a number of initiatives, including installation of solar panels to heat outdoor pools, pool drain heat recovery systems, solar pathway park lights and more.

A summary of results from the last Five Year Energy Conservation Plan include:

  • Energy Use Intensity (EUI) and GHG emissions dropped by 9.3 per cent and 8.1 percent respectively.
  • Avoided $1,306,550 in total utility costs.
  • Received $1,199,505 in total incentives from utilities due to cost savings.

The new Five Year Energy Conservation Plan (2019-2023) includes the following new initiatives:

  • Implementing ice plant energy upgrades that will have robust ice plant controls and cold water resurfacing capabilities.
  • Piloting an Energy Management Information System that collects, manages and analyses data for facility benchmarking, performance tracking, creating energy dashboards and more.
  • Implementing lighting upgrades to newer and efficient technologies, including controls that can match building occupancy and natural daylight.
  • Installing metering and sub-metering equipment to utilize real-time data for making smarter operational decisions.

To learn more about the Five Year Energy Conservation Plan (2019-2023), visit

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