City scores second downtown core boxed-soccer pitch

The City of Mississauga is constructing a second outdoor boxed-soccer pitch in the city’s downtown core – the second of its kind in Canada. The new pitch will be located at Mississauga Valley Park and will provide outdoor recreational opportunities to residents while promoting and encouraging informal soccer play.

“I’m excited for the installation of a second boxed-soccer pitch for Ward 4 and our downtown,” said Ward 4 Councillor John Kovac. “Creating outdoor recreational spaces for residents, especially our youth, is important to the quality of life in densely populated areas of the city.  The new pitch, which will be just the second in Canada, arrives one year after the installation of the very first – also located here in Ward 4, in city centre.”

City staff investigated the feasibility of installing an additional pitch at Mississauga Valley Park earlier this spring. With a high volume of park visitors, staff felt the highly-populated area with limited parkland would be the ideal location.

“With the growing popularity of soccer in Mississauga, this second pitch is an opportunity to create a place where residents of all ages and abilities can enjoy watching or playing the game,” said Jodi Robillos, parks and forestry acting director. “The city’s Downtown Growth Area Provision Strategy recommends the use of ‘pop-up’ spaces to support healthy and active lifestyles.”

Under the pop-up sport concept, the pitch will not be formally programmed by the city but will continue to promote informal, drop-in soccer games.

The city is responsible for the installation, maintenance and repair of the soccer pitch. Staff will monitor use of the pitch to help planning for additional locations of future pitches around the city. It is anticipated the new boxed-soccer pitch will be in place by fall 2018.

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