Classic Albums Live returns to the Rose with Abbey Road

Arguably the greatest music group in modern history, they also are one of the few to call it quits at the top of their game. The, so-called, Fab Four last made music together in August 1969 when they put the finishing touches on the album, Abbey Road.

“Just the name Abbey Road makes you think of another time. A time when music mattered,” says Craig Martin, founder of Classic Albums Live “It was their swan song. They wanted to make something that would last and end their legacy with grace and cool.”

Classic Albums Live will recreate Abbey Road onstage at The Rose Theatre on November 21 at 8p.m.

For those who may not have caught their many shows at The Rose in past years, Classic Albums Live is exactly what it sounds like. It’s an all-star group of musicians that travel around performing some of the best rock n’ roll music ever recorded note for note, cut for cut, live on stage.

With Abbey Road, this is no small feat. The Beatles, along with producer George Martin and engineer Geoff Emerick layered instruments, harmonies and sounds in such a way that technology had to be invented to accommodate their imaginations.

Beginning with Come Together, Abbey Road winds a musical journey through many classics. Songs like Something, I Want you (She’s So Heavy), Here Comes the Sun all build their way to a boil on Golden Slumbers-Carry That Weight-The End. The latter is thought to be the perfect epilogue to the Beatles career and legend featuring the line, “And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love you make.”

As if Abbey Road wasn’t enough, the band will return to the stage after performing it in its entirety for a second act of Beatles hits and deep cuts.

Classic Albums Live: The Beatles Abbey Road performs at The Rose Theatre on November 21 at 8p.m.
Tickets are available online here.

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