Adnan Darr has developed an idea for golfers to get a greater roll to the hole.

The Mississauga resident, who has a full-time job working for a medical device company in Canada, has manufactured a prototype called ROLL Ready that is a plastic clip shaped like a ball that attaches to your belt. It allows golfers to clean their balls on the green before putting.

“Ever since I was a kid I’ve wanted to design stuff,” says Darr. “I’ve been thinking about inventing stuff all along. Pretty well my whole life I’ve been training for this moment. I’ve been working on this since 2014. I did a 3-D printing before I went to the mould, patented it and it’s been two years to get a business going  and now I’m here.”

Darr, who has been golfing for 22 years and is a 14-15 handicap, developed the idea in a most unusual way. “I was watching an aquatic show and I saw a squid move through the water, and the very next day I was watching the final round of a tournament and literally when the caddie was cleaning the ball it came to me that I was going to put these two things together,” he says.

“What happened was I came up with this idea where you could hold the ball and clean it on your side before you were putting. Typically now when the ball lands on the green, it gets dirty and either you use the green, or lick your thumb or your pants to clean it. Now you don’t have to worry about that. ROLL Ready cleans it by having the microfiber cloth and rolls it while you line up your putt. It’s not an extra step. I’m just replacing wiping it with ROLL Ready.”

There are only two places on the course golfers are allowed to clean their golf balls – at the tee box and at the green, except for lift, clean and release on a soggy day.

“When you get to the green, not many people are cleaning their ball properly and they get a dirty ball,” Darr says. “This is how it eliminates that process. When there is soapy water in the tee box, you have that advantage.

“If you think about a golfer driving the ball, if there’s a little bit of dirt on the ball it weighs the ball off the direction of the path is intended once it leaves the club face. The same thing with a putter. When the ball is dirty and you putt it, it will take it off the intended ball because of the dirt and the dimple. This cleans the dirt off the dimples and allows you to have that intended path to the hole.”

Darr says when golfers use their thumbs to clean the ball, it is actually chasing the dirt around the circumference, not actually removing it.

“With ROLL Ready, when you roll the ball you are rolling the ball in the device,” he says. “You are not rubbing the ball off of your pants. When you’re rubbing your balls against your pants, you’re not rolling. You’re just rubbing one spot. With ROLL Ready, the ball is rolling against the fabric and it’s cleaning all aspects of the ball.

“Your short game is your most important game and putting is really important. In this process, if I can help people get a clean ball and a better roll to the hole, that’s the purpose of this.”

He launched the product this year and has received positive feedback at the two shows in which he has exhibited, including the Toronto International Golf & Travel Show, where he had a booth.

“Everybody who sees it sees the value in the utility of it,” he says. “They think it’s a great idea. They understand the concept. The technology is called biomimcry when you take something from nature and translate it into a product or device.”

“Throughout my process to get here, every roll I took was one to help me get to this point,” he says. “I’ve launched products in pharmaceuticals and medical devices. I’ve done sales in pharmaceuticals. I’ve done sales in medical devices. Ever since I’ve been a kid (growing up in the Brampton/Bramalea region), I’ve had that ingenuity and innovation in terms of creating products. I’m finally getting to do what I actually love to do and wanted to do.

“I’m hoping this will carry me forward and eventually I’ll be on my own and running a business.”

ROLL Ready retails for $12.99.

He already has eight courses in Ontario retailing his product. He has also partnered with the PGA of Ontario and Great Lakes Tour, which is a pro tour in Southern Ontario. The PGA of Ontario is promoting the product through its website and e-mails sent to members. For the Great Lakes Tour, he is the presenting sponsor for the Order of Merit for them, meaning he will contribute to the year-end purse. Jim Kenesky a PGA of Ontario professional, has tried the product and will use it in competition.

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