Criminals are on the lookout for cars being warmed up

As the temperatures drop south of zero there is nothing better than getting into a warm car. Many people choose to start their car in the driveway and then head back inside for a few minutes. Unfortunately, criminals on our streets are on the lookout for just that scenario.

 “A criminal needs less than six seconds to steal your car,” advises Crime Prevention Constable Courtney Carver-Smith. “Stolen vehicles are frequently used in other crimes, crimes quite often involving drugs and violence, often leading to injuries and death.”

The truth is that newer model cars require less than thirty seconds to warm up on cold days. If you do decide to warm up the car, never leave your vehicle unattended while it’s running. If you do have to go inside it’s best to pocket the key fob and lock the doors.

Watch this video to learn more about warm up thefts and visit to learn more about protecting your property.

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