What better way to go green than to create your own forest? Participants in a program presented by Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) will be introduced to the methods of doing just that on Aug. 23.

Called, Forests for the Future Twilight Tour, participants will be able to see first-hand how to start their own forest through the work of David and Helen Choat, who have created a treed oasis in Caledon.

“We wanted to plant trees and grow a forest for the future,” said David Choat. “We used CVC’s tree planting services to plant 13,000 trees. Every day, we walk our property with our dog and look forward to watching the trees grow.”

Those attending will learn about tree planting and the foundations for growing a healthy forest with CVC’s forestry expert.

Through the work of conservationists, tree cover in the Credit River Watershed has actually grown in the past 100 years despite development and the growth of cities. In 1910, tree cover accounted for nine per cent of the watershed. It now stands at 23 per cent.

To attend, you must register in advance at cvc.ca/events. You can also call 1-800-668-5557 ext. 436. The event is free and takes place at 20837 Kennedy Rd. at Caledon from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

CVC is a local conservation authority that has jurisdiction over the Credit River Watershed.





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