The Dragon Lion Dance Festival at Celebration Square in downtown Mississauga is an annual celebration of the best of Chinese culture. Dragon Lion dance is a form of traditional dance in Chinese culture as well as in some other Asian cultures. The performers mimic a dragon’s or lion’s movements in respective costumes.

The Chinese traditional dance is typically performed during the celebration of the Chinese New Year, business openings or other important ceremonies.

The Sept. 22 festival is highlighted by a colourful parade of Dragons and Chinese Lions and an assortment of energetic participants. Throughout the day, there will be a variety of performances including Kung-Fu and Tai-Chi demonstrations, Dragon and Lion dances, mass-drumming routines, dancing, singing, Chinese instruments, lucky draws and other spectacles. As well, a children’s centre will keep the little ones entertained with arts and crafts.

Chinese food and traditional Chinese products will also be on sale at the site.

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