Fashion and diversity converge in lifestyle exhibition at Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives

Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives (PAMA) has just welcomed Sikh, Australian fashion and lifestyle influencer Karan Kaur to kick-off her new exhibition The Style of Life.

Fashion, as an art form, has traditionally been under-represented within the art gallery and museum world. Exhibitions by leading museums featuring the work of Yves Saint Laurent, Jean Paul Gaultier and Iris van Herpen, have shifted ideas about fashion and its relationship to art. Karan Kaur notes, “Fashion isn’t just about looking pretty, it’s about the freedom to express and the right to [your] own body. I want to show Sikh women it’s okay to be stylish and fashionable while still being religious.” Questioning Sikh traditions in relation to dress and lifestyle is at the core of this exhibition and exploring ways in which new ideas about fashion and living, as part of the Sikh community, are changing.

“Karan Kaur’s personal style of life is an inspiration to a global community,” said PAMA senior curator of art Darrin Martens. “More than a brand, Kaur is an example to young entrepreneurs that one can follow their dreams and be a positive influence on the world. Kaur’s exhibition provides PAMA with a unique opportunity to showcase an emerging talent and contribute to Sikh Heritage Month celebrations within the Metro Toronto area.”

The Style of Life runs until June 9.

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