Hospital commits to challenging the limits

June 14 at Trillium Health Partners’ (THP) annual community address, the hospital shared its successes from the past year and announced plans for the decade ahead with the launch of its new strategic plan.

The 2019-2029 Strategic Plan: A New Kind of Health Care for a Healthier Community, sets out how THP will build capacity inside and outside of its walls to reduce wait times and improve access to the care and services the community needs. It also focuses on improving quality and safety and ensures smoother transitions between different health care providers through partnerships. The plan continues the journey set out over the past five years.

The plan is designed to help each person achieve their health goals, with a focus on the body, mind and spirit. It also harnesses the power of teamwork and partnership to reduce inequities in health and create an inclusive and interconnected system of care that leaves no one behind.

“Over the next decade the hospital will work closely with patients, families, community members and partners to achieve its goals of quality, access and sustainability,” said Wayne Bossert, Trillium Health Partners board chair. “Together, we will challenge the limits of what is possible for health and the human spirit.”

A number of important improvements will be realized through this plan over the next decade. The plan will: simplify how patients and care providers access health information and improve the delivery of care, through a single patient health record using new and modern technology; support quality care and patient experience through the hiring of additional nurses, physicians and allied health professionals to care for the growing and aging community; provide health care providers with the tools, equipment and support to deliver the highest quality of care and improve the experiences of patients, families, staff and providers; improve access to care and the experience of patients and families by expanding hospital sites, adding 500 new beds and improving and modernizing 500 existing beds; and make it easier for patients and families to get the care they need in the most appropriate setting by building more than 500 new long-term care and transitional care beds in Mississauga designed to meet the needs of our diverse and aging community.

The new strategic plan builds on a solid year of achievements at THP. In 2017/2018 THP cared for more people than ever before with nearly 1.7 million patients visits including: 273,650 emergency department and urgent care centre visits; 736,006 outpatient clinic visits; 63,682 surgeries; 8,507 births; and 682,385 diagnostic services.

Other achievements from the past year include: receiving the highest possible rating from Accreditation Canada achieving Exemplary Standing; launching a new, first-of-its kind partnership with Indus Community Services and Yee Hong Centre for Geriatric Care that will build 320 culturally appropriate long-term care beds with a focus on Chinese, Asian, South Asian and transitional care beds; and working in partnership with the Mississauga Halton LHIN to transition over 100 patients who no longer required acute hospital care to more appropriate settings in the community.

As well, through rigorous financial management, administrative and operational efficiencies and additional support from the government, THP finished the year with a modest surplus.

This year, through more than 46,000 donations and 120 community fundraising events, $32 million was raised for the hospital.

“I want to thank our community for your incredible support and the critical role you play in helping us respond to the most urgent needs of the hospital,” said Greg Grice, Trillium Health Partners Foundation board chair. “Last year, our community was inspired to support the work of this hospital over 46,000 times through gifts that go toward the delivery of exceptional patient care. We’re energized and excited about the road ahead as we plan for our most significant fundraising campaign in the history of Mississauga and West Toronto.”

Photo: Greg Grice, Trillium Health Partners Foundation board chair, speaks at the annual community address.

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