House fire/explosion on Maple Grove Road

On the morning of Feb. 3, Caledon Fire and Emergency Services (CFES) responded to a reported house fire on Maple Grove Road (Charleston Sideroad) in the Caledon Village Fire District.

Upon arrival crews found a single detached house that had exploded. The house was on the ground with several other houses in the area damaged. Upon search of the property and surrounding area, one patient was located at the scene and pronounced dead by Peel Paramedics.

CFES conducted an evacuation of the immediate area where approximately 30-35 residents were relocated within the community.  Town of Caledon building officials conducted inspections of nearby residences for structural damage.

A meeting was held Feb. 4 where impacted homeowners were provided with an update on the status of the homes affected by the explosion.

Of those homes, seven were released back to homeowners.

On Feb. 6, the Office of the Fire Marshal concluded its investigation into the explosion.

Upon closing of the investigation, the final four properties, in addition to the explosion site property, were released to the Town of Caledon.

The process for these properties is similar to other area properties damaged by the explosion.  Based on inspections by Town Building Inspectors, orders have been issued that these homes are currently unsafe to occupy.

Beginning Feb. 6, these homeowners, along with their insurance agencies, were granted access so that adjusters, engineers and/or other experts can assess any damage.

Once the homeowner is able to present the town with an assessment of the property and a remediation plan (if necessary) the unsafe order will be lifted, and the owner will have full access to their home.

Given the damage sustained to these properties, this process is likely to take months to complete.  For security and public safety purposes, these properties will be fenced until the unsafe orders are lifted.

Where needed, the Town of Caledon, with support from the Region of Peel, continues to provide supports to those families affected and displaced.

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