Alectra Utilities has completed a $2.2 million modernization project at Brampton, aimed to replace old infrastructure.

Alectra is the electricity supplier for Brampton and Mississauga as well as several other communities in Southern Ontario.

The work, which took place along Mackay St. N between Bovaird Dr. E and North Park Dr. as well as Howden Blvd. between Dixie Rd. and Williams Parkway E. replaced deteriorated underground cables and is meant to improve electrical service reliability in those neighbourhoods. The project is part of an infrastructure upgrade initiative undertaken by Alectra that included replacing 8.2 km of underground cable supported by eight new above-grade switching units.

Alectra has also announced a $1 million rebuild of overhead infrastructure at Mississauga. The work will consist mainly of upgrading poles and replacing cable in the northwest part of the city. Work has already begun and is expected to be completed by the end of this year. The work was necessary to meet increasing demand for electrical services throughout Mississauga as well as to replace aging components.

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