International Aerospace Week highlights latest innovations

Did you know that Mississauga’s aerospace community is inspiring and shaping the way that we think about air travel?

The city’s aerospace sector is recognized and ranked in the top ten globally because it works directly with global OEMs like Bombardier, Boeing, and Airbus on a range of programs as part of the supply chain, as well as export market development, business-to-business connections and workforce assistance, making it an ideal location for global investments.

April 15 to 19 is International Aerospace Week, which recognizes global innovation and technological advancements in the aerospace industry, from the hot air balloon in the 1700s to space exploration in modern day.

As a global leader in aerospace, Mississauga is Canada’s largest aerospace industry by employment and has become the ideal location for attracting talent and global investments. It is home to four of the world’s leading aerospace companies, comprised of airlines, aerospace manufacturing, airport services and support services for aerospace manufacturers. This also includes Canada’s largest airport, Toronto Pearson International Airport, which exports more than $31 billion representing 4 per cent of Ontario’s total GDP.

Major companies like Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Canada Aerospace, Pratt & Whitney Canada,and Magellan Aerospace are one of 345 small, medium and large aerospace companies that have made Mississauga a leader in aerospace and positioned the city to be globally competitive with other aerospace cities like Singapore, London and Hamburg.

These local companies specialize in manufacturing products for engines, rocket motor systems, and satellites. These and other components make the aerospace sector a significant contributor to Mississauga’s economy, which includes more than 28,000 workers in the field and a robust talent pool of people that are skilled in science, technology, engineering and mathematics from universities like the University of Toronto Mississauga.

Last year, Mississauga was ranked second in fDi’s Aerospace Cities of the Future 2018/19 Report for innovation, attractiveness and strategy in the aerospace sector. The aerospace industry in Mississauga has excelled in job creation, developing high-skilled workers, and providing long-term careers, training, advancement and growth.

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