It’s spring cleaning time in Brampton

Calling all residents! Spring Cleanup, Don’t be Trashy! campaign and Street Sweeping programs have begun.

With melting snow and rising temperatures, spring is officially here. But it also means litter that has been hidden for months is now surfacing. While City crews will be out cleaning parks and streets in the coming weeks, everyone has a part to play in cleaning up our city. 

The annual Spring Cleanup, which runs until April 30, encourages residents to tidy their properties, neighbourhoods and local parks. 

You can volunteer to lead your own cleanup or join one of the organized cleanup days. All supplies will be provided. To see the complete schedule of events and register to take part, visit 

In support of the Spring Cleanup program, the City is launching its Don’t Be Trashy! campaign, which aims to improve litter awareness, encourage proper waste disposal and reduce the amount of litter in our city. 

This campaign is part of the City’s ongoing commitment to a clean and green Brampton, in response to growing concerns about the negative impact litter has on human health, wildlife and the natural environment. The Don’t Be Trashy! campaign runs until the end of the Fall Cleanup program in October. 

As part of this campaign, the City is running a litter cleanup challenge for schools. The class that completes the highest number of cleanups in April and tweets photos of their work to @BramGrowGreen will win a tree planting event. For more information, visit 

City crews will soon start sweeping streets to remove sand and debris that has built up throughout the winter. Sweeping will continue until the end of May, weather permitting. To learn more, visit 

“Whether it’s a coffee cup left on a park bench or a cigarette butt thrown out a car window, litter lasts and has a serious impact on our environment, our wallets and the way we feel about our community. We all have a responsibility to protect our city, ensuring it’s clean and green for all to enjoy – and it all starts with putting your garbage in a waste bin, where it belongs. This year’s spring cleaning initiatives are a great way for everyone to get involved and make a difference” says Mayor Patrick Brown.

Photo courtesy of City of Brampton

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