Liaoning Ballet of China performs the classic Chinese tale of Mulan

The Living Arts Centre is proud to partner with Canada-China Cultural Development Association to present Hua Mulan, performed by the famous Liaoning Ballet of China.

Hua Mulan tells the classic Chinese story of Mulan, the valiant daughter who volunteered to join the army on behalf of her ailing father to defend her country. Mulan’s name originally appeared in the “The Ballad of Mulan”, an ancient Chinese poem composed based on the life story of Hua Mulan dating back to over 1000 years ago. 

Based on the ancient Chinese fable, Hua Mulan’s story became familiar the world over after the recent motion picture release. This stage production of Hua Mulan incorporates modern ballet choreography into the story to create a new version of the classic Mulan story. The Liaoning Ballet of China interprets the well-known tale through dance, music, and stunning sets and costumes. Distinctive Chinese elements and modern aesthetics are incorporated to suit the taste of today’s audiences from a contemporary perspective.

The CCCDA is a registered non-profit, non-political, non-religious organization in Canada. The Association’s aspiration is to bring diverse culture and arts events to Canada and China, to help promote a strong friendship between the two great countries and contribute to an appreciation of Canada’s diversity. Over the years, the CCCDA has organized multitudes of cultural events across Canada, which have brought to communities fantastic and inspirational art performances.

The Liaoning Ballet is one of the most famous ballet ensembles in China. Established in 1980, the company has dedicated over 35 years to producing new Chinese cultural works while also performing beloved ballet classics. In addition to the professional company, they have also built the Chinese School of Ballet Art for developing dancers.

The show takes place at Hammerson Hall on September 19 at 7:30 pm. 

Tickets can be purchased at or by calling the Box Office at 905-306-6000. 

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