ILL-Abilities is an international breakdance crew comprised of eight dancers from around the world who will bring their dynamic and inspiring abilities to Mississauga when they take the stage to perform Limitless at the Living Arts Centre in November.

Created in 2007 by Montreal-based dancer and motivational speaker Luca “Lazylegz” Patuelli, ILL-Abilities was an all-star team of differently-abled dancers whose goal was to compete in the breakdance competition circuit and to show the world that anything is possible. In 2013, the group received a nomination for the British Olivier Award for outstanding achievement in dance.

The crew’s name was born from the standard in hip-hop culture of using a negative term to refer to something positive. Dancers will often compliment each other by using the terms “bad,” “nasty” or “mean.” The use of “ill” in ILL-Abilities is not intended to portray the group as being challenged, but rather, to celebrate the incredible talents of its members. Rather than being bound by the negative limitations of disabilities, the dancers find strength in their positive, or ill, abilities.

Award-winning American choreographer Jacob Jonas collaborated with ILL-Abilities on the inspiring short film Just Dance: Able last April.

“I was inspired by these artists with real stories who have overcome an obstacle of their own, inspiring others,” he explains.

ILL-Abilities intends to inspire audiences with their positive attitudes and unique dance moves. Limitless allows each dancer to share their battles with adversity, stereotypes, self-doubt and everyday insecurities. Motivational messages regarding mental health, bullying, accessibility, inclusion and taking risks are relevant relevance to audience members of all ages.

Through dynamic movement, physical strength and sheer determination, the dancers prove that by teaching yourself to adapt, embrace and believe in your strengths, there are no limits to what you can accomplish.

ILL-Abilites brings Limitless to Hammerson Hall at the Living Arts Centre, 4141 Living Arts Drive, Nov.21 at 8 pm. Tickets are $25 – $45. Visit for information.

Image: ILL-Abilities dancers, from the left, Redouan “Redo” Ait Chitt (Netherlands), Samuel Henrique “Samuka” da Silveira Lima (Brazil), Luca “Lazylegz” Patuelli (Canada), Sergio “Checho” Carvajal (Chile), and Jacob “Kujo” Lyons (U.S.A.).

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