Mississauga’s favourite maple tradition returns to the Bradley Museum for March Break.

Learn how sap is collected from maple trees and turned into maple syrup. Originally taught to early settlers by Anishinaabe peoples, maple sugaring is an important tradition to both First Nations and non-indigenous communities. Take the tour with an interpreter to try out hands-on sap harvesting activities such a drilling into a tree log. Visitors will also be able to watch historic demonstrations of the maple sugaring process including sap boiled over a fire to make syrup, and sap prepared in hollowed out logs to make sugar and taffy following Anishinaabe practices. Guided tours of the Maple Sap Line run every 20 minutes from 12:20pm until 3:00pm.

You will be able to sample fresh maple taffy made right before your eyes. Suggested donation of $2 per sample.

Kids of all ages should plan on enjoying freshly made pancakes and real Canadian maple syrup in the Sugar Shack.

Learn how maple syrup was used as an ingredient in the kitchens of early settlers. Visit the Bradley House for historic cooking demonstrations and maple sugar samples.

The friendly farm animals of Mane Attractions are returning this year for the full event. Learn about farm life and see what it’s like to hand-feed sheep, goats, bunnies, and more.

Make your own maple magic upstairs in the Log Cabin. Neon tape, fabric and paper will be on hand for participants to craft a large-scale forest directly on the cabin walls. Add trees, flowers, deer, birds and any other wildlife – real or enchanted – that you want. With the flick of a switch, we’ll make the forest glow under blacklight LEDs, making this experience truly magical.

Tickets available online or in-person at the Bradley Museum during Maple Magic.

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