Mississauga has approved extensive funding for community, arts, heritage and cultural programs.

In total, council committed more than $3.6 million, part of its 2018 Culture and Community Grants Program that supports not for profit community projects, programs and services. The grants are applied for by the groups and falls under an initiative geared to stimulate Mississauga’s creative economy and to show a commitment to long-term growth and sustainability of local culture.

“The city is making investments to develop local talent and inspire new programs and services which meet community needs,” said Paul Mitcham, city community services commissioner. “The grants directly contribute to the overall well-being of our city. Residents can access a variety of activities and events that complement city programs. Funding also ensures community organizations are accountable and sustainable in providing these services.”

Some of the highlights include: The Riverwood Conservancy $331,859; Art Gallery of Mississauga $325,000; Active Adult Centre of Mississauga $272,393; Mississauga Arts Council $269,670; Heritage Mississauga $230,000; Safe City Mississauga $204,288; Visual Arts Mississauga $155,000; Mississauga Symphony Orchestra $150,000; Sampradaya Dance Creations $120,000; Carrasasuga $120,000 and Southside Shuffle $100,000.

As part of the total amount, several groups received grants under the Small Project Matching Grant Program supporting projects that strengthen neighbourhoods, increase resident engagement and enhance opportunities for Mississauga residents to participate in neighbourhood events and activities.

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