Mississauga Civic Centre one of the first facilities in Canada to be Energy Star certified

Mississauga Civic Centre has been awarded Energy Star industry certification for 2018 by Natural Resources Canada. This is the first year the certification is available for Canadian facilities.
The facilities can display the Energy Star symbol, similar to what people may see on appliances and electronics in the marketplace.
“Energy Star certification for the Civic Centre demonstrates our commitment to sustainability,” said Mayor Bonnie Crombie. “I am excited and proud of our team and the energy efficiencies we have achieved. Every opportunity to save energy and cut down on consumption helps reduce the impact on our environment and saves money. It makes good environmental and business sense.”
To become Energy Star certified, applicants are required to benchmark their building’s energy usage data to compare against other similar-type buildings. They must achieve a score of at least 75 out of 100 and have their data verified by a professional engineer. The Civic Centre scored 89 and was rated 88 per cent more efficient than comparable facilities.
“Achieving Energy Star certification for 2018 tells us we are on the right track,” said Gary Kent, city corporate services commissioner and chief financial officer. “It enables us to measure our success using a Canadian model that is valid and relevant. Every small improvement makes a difference and I am pleased that the city has achieved this certification in the first year it is offered in Canada.”
Over the past six years, the Civic Centre has reduced its energy use by 17 per cent. That’s the equivalent energy use of 2,000 LED street lamps for one year. A real-time energy dashboard, installed in 2015, provides staff and visitors with daily, weekly and monthly energy and water use stats to raise awareness of the importance of energy conservation.
Now that the Civic Centre is certified for 2018, the plan is to reapply each year. City staff are also considering applying for other facilities such as arenas.
Other energy-efficient improvements staff have implemented across the city include installing LED lighting, upgrading building automation systems, streamlining arena ice surface maintenance processes and installing solar panels on one of the city’s outdoor community pools.

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