Mississauga embarks on bee protection program


Mississauga is preparing to become a bee city.

The move, expected to be approved at the next city council meeting, will see steps to improve the general well being of the bee population.

Since the early 1990s the bee population has seen a decline for reasons as yet unknown. However, climate change, development, and insecticides are considered contributing factors.

Bees and other insects play an essential role in our ecosystem, according to scientists, because they pollinate plants that produce nuts and fruit. The loss of bees would have a devastating effect on crops and food supplies.

By becoming an official member of “Bee City Canada”, Mississauga must commit to creating healthy pollinator habitats through the use of plants and the installation of bee houses in select areas; embark on an educational program for residents about the importance of pollinators; and to celebrate bees the third week of June during International Pollinator Week and to spread the news of good work being done in the city to assist and save the bee population.

The city hopes its action will encourage neighbouring municipalities to take up similar programs.



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