Mississauga kicks off 2020 Budget process with preliminary forecast on June 26

The City of Mississauga’s business planning and budget process is one of the most important activities undertaken each year.

The first Budget Committee meeting for the upcoming year will take place on Wednesday, June 26. Staff will present the Budget Committee with an overview of the preliminary forecast for the 2020-2023 Business Plan and 2020 Budget. The presentation is an early look at how the City plans to bring in revenue and invest taxpayer dollars to deliver the programs and services residents expect while advancing the Strategic Plan.

The public meeting will be held Wednesday, June 26, 2019, at 1 p.m. following the General Committee meeting in Council Chamber, City Hall, 300 City Centre Dr. second floor, Mississauga.

The budget process is transparent and invites public feedback on City programs and services. To provide input:

  • Attend Budget Committee meetings in person and comment or ask questions during the public question period
  • Email your questions or comments to [email protected]
  • Follow on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and post about the Budget using the hashtag #SaugaBudget
  • Follow the process through news updates from Mayor and Members of Council

Finance staff will outline the City’s current and projected finances and provide a schedule for public engagement and future Budget Committee meetings.

During meetings, the public is welcome to ask questions and comment on the proposed spending. You can attend meetings in person, watch the live stream, or review meetings at your convenience from the video archive.

Budget Committee meetings will continue in the fall with detailed discussions on current service levels, cost pressures, efficiencies and new initiatives. Following Committee discussions and public input, Council will vote on the proposed budget in December.

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