Mississauga moves to regulate rental temperatures

The City of Mississauga is moving to keep things cool for renters during the hot summer months.

A proposal that will go before the next meeting of city council updates the current bylaw and will tell landlords where air conditioning exists, they must make sure a maximum temperature of 26 degrees Celsius must not be exceeded. Previously no cooling standards were included in the bylaw. If air conditioning does not exist in a unit, the city has no regulatory control to enforce temperature ceilings.

As well, the new proposal will change the current heating standards where now a minimum of 20 degrees Celsius must be maintained at all times.

“Enforcement staff met and received input from the public and stakeholders, including tenants, property management, owners and contractors on recommendations for the (old) Adequate Heat Bylaw,” said Geoff Wright, transportation and works commissioner. “The proposed changes comply with provincial requirements and responds to changing weather conditions. The changes also address many of the concerns that we heard during the public meetings, are easy to understand and will be enforceable.”

The proposal also calls for an education plan for tenants and landlords and will come into effect immediately if passed at the June 6 council meeting. The new regulation, to be called the Adequate Temperature Bylaw, will be reviewed every three years.



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