Mississauga award-winning singer/songwriter Arlene Paculan has changed sounds with her third CD. After playing adult contemporary jazz with her first two releases, she has gone with a pop sound this time on an album titled Home With You.

“I’ve always wanted to do adult contemporary, but I’ve always loved pop,” she said. “The last album there was a lot of jazz influence just because of the way I played things and on this one there’s a lot of songs that to other people sounded like pop. I’ve been very influenced by pop. I’m not saying that other music I had wasn’t enjoyable, but this is more enjoyable. It’s a lot more fun. The other stuff was very mid-tempo ballad-like. This one, even if the song is a ballad or mid-tempo, it’s more exciting in the instrumentation because of the musicians I have now. They are very clever in what they put into the mix.”

She is working with guitarist Kevin Dvorak, bassist Doug Norman and drummer Zaynab Wilson.

She said she chose Home With You as the title of the CD for a number of different reasons.

“The way the song was produced by Kevin Dvorak is almost like the end of a blockbuster movie,” she said. “That’s how it sounds. I think it’s a pretty strong song. There is a component of love in all the other songs. Home With You is kind of like a big hug around all these other things, not just a summary but a statement that all these songs encompass.”

The album cover features photos she took from a trip to Scotland.

“Since I’ve left Scotland, I’ve always been raving about it, always wanting to go back and live there,” she said. “I thought it was appropriate to have those photos and call it Home With You. It was my ode to Scotland – like I want to be home with Scotland, but that was kind of an afterthought. Initially it was kind of because the song was so grand. Kevin did a really amazing guitar solo at the end that actually makes the song.”

She worked with three producers, which was also different from her previous work. She wrote the majority of the songs herself, but had help on some from Mike Schlosser of Little Noise Records.

“Mike helped me for a song called Best Kept Secret,” she said. “We really stripped it down. It still has the same idea as when I first wrote it, it’s just a lot stronger. He does a really good job doing that. Another song, Leave Me Alone, was also rewritten in a collaborative effort with Mike Schlosser just to make it stronger and I absolutely loved everything he did.”

She said Mississauga award-winning producer Nick Name (Nicolas Londono) also helped to fine tune it in a context with all of the instrumentation. The first single, Over You, featuring Nick Name, has received tremendous positive feedback since its release May 18.

“There’s a bonus song which is a Spanish song translated from my song, I’m Worth It – from a previous recording – that I’m really passionate about and was done with the help of Nick Name,” she said.

The album was recorded in Toronto and Mississauga.

Paculan is scheduled to play a solo show in the On the Veranda series at Benares Historical House in Clarkson on August 10. For more information please contact [email protected].

Photo supplied by Arlene Paculan



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