Mississauga is asking senior levels government for financial support to carry out its vision of the future.

City councillors made the request official by adopting a resolution asking for more funds that are needed in the areas of transit, infrastructure, housing and capital projects. City officials also indicated more money is needed to keep up with the legislative changes insisted upon by Ottawa and Queen’s Park.

“There is a buzz about Mississauga these days as we are a city in demand,” said Mayor Bonnie Crombie. The mayor added, as federal and provincial governments prepare their 2018 budgets, they need to listen to the priorities of cities such as Mississauga.

City officials believe, while senior levels of government push for initiatives like improved transportation networks, they need to come forward with a steady stream of funding to make them become a reality. In Mississauga, that means more transit connectivity through a downtown transit hub, increased activity through the GO train system and, ultimately, a dedicated transport system along Dundas St. They also pointed out the need for financial support to create waterfront development and all of the infrastructure services needed to go with it, as well as assistance with issues associated with climate change, culture and heritage infrastructure.

Mississauga City Manager Janice Baker added, under the current system, too much financial burden is placed on municipalities even though they receive a small share of tax dollars collected in Canada.

“As Mississauga grows, a strong, continuing partnership with the governments of Canada and Ontario will ensure that we can effectively address the many challenges of a large city,” she said.


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