MonstrARTity releases new videos of Bollywood singers

MonstrARTity is sharing videos of two Bollywood playback singers on YouTube, as part of their latest program, the Monster Artist Development (MAD) series.

Based in Mississauga, the MonstrARTity creative community was born in 2011 to provide entertainment for all ages. The not-for-profit organization is the producer of the Bollywood Monster Mashup, the largest South Asian festival in Canada, as well as the team behind the award-winning Monster Rock Orchestra show.

The new videos feature Aakanksha Sharma and Abhilasha Chellam.

Sharma stopped by the MAD studios for an exclusive acoustic performance featuring a medley of her favourite tracks, collaborating with drum guru Sarah Thawer and the Mehboob Orchestra. In an exclusive interview, the artist discusses her Canadian debut and what it was like working with Canadian musicians for the first time.

“I came to the studio, and we just jotted down some songs and they knew what to do,” she said. “I wasn’t expecting that because, with the Indian songs, they don’t know the language or the structure, but they did a fantastic job. After this collaboration, I want to come back and play with different artists and musicians from different countries.”

Chellam hit the studio for her first MAD video shoot, which includes a behind-the-scenes interview, in Hindi, with the songstress.

And, just what is a playback singer? They pre-record songs for soundtracks so the actors can lip-sync for the camera.

Aakanksha Sharma, live at MAD can be seen here.

Abhilasha Chellam, live at MAD can be seen here.

Pictured at right, Aakanksha Sharma; left, Abhilasha Chellam. Photos courtesy of MonstrARTity.

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