Must-try Mississauga picnic spots

Summer is almost here and nothing beats a perfect day for a picnic at one of Mississauga’s must-try picnic spots. Having an outdoor picnic is a memorable way to enjoy the outdoors. So grab your picnic blanket, basket and relish in some much-needed time with nature. Mississauga has an array of outdoor spaces, parks and a beautiful waterfront ready to meet your picnic adventure.

Did you know you can bring your own propane-powered barbecue in City parks? If you’re looking to help protect the environment – why not go litterless. bring a reusable water bottle and pack your picnic food in reusable containers and dishes.

Groups of 25 or more require a park permit, which is only issued to Mississauga residents and businesses. A park permit allows for reserved use of a specific park area and any amenities associated with that space. Accessible seating is available at most permitted picnic sites.

Here are seven parks you are sure to enjoy:
1. Erindale Park (1695 Dundas W Street)
2. Huron Park (830 Paisley W. Boulevard)
3. Jack Darling Memorial Park (1180 Lakeshore West Road)
4. Streetsville Memorial Park (335 Church Street)
5. Paul Coffey Park (3430 Derry East Road)
6. JC Saddington Park (53 Lake Street)
7. Mississauga Valley Park (1275 Mississauga Valley Boulevard.)

For a complete listing of picnic parks in Mississauga, visit

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