New app lets you report Mississauga neighbourhood problems


The City of Mississauga has added a new whistleblower aspect to its popular Pingstreet app.

Now, through the downloadable mobile app, residents can quickly report municipal problems such as litter, graffiti, burned out street lights or unkempt public washrooms.

The app will also let you report your neighbours who aren’t cutting their grass regularly or have been letting garbage pile up on their properties.

Other problems such as illegal signs, abandoned shopping carts, sidewalk or road damage, pot holes, parking violations, tree stump removal, dead branches, faded traffic markings and traffic signal problems are also be applied to the app’s radar.

The reporting aspect is a new feature of Pingstreet which also provides a broad range of service and information to users through the app. For instance, you can use Pingstreet to apply for parking permits, receive waste pickup schedules, and get notice about City council meetings and events throughout Mississauga.

Pingstreet can be downloaded on your smartphone or tablet at the Apple App Store, Google Play and BlackBerry World.



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