On Jan. 18, Trillium Health Partners and Foundation celebrated a generous donation of art from the ArtWorks for Cancer Foundation (AWFC) to the Queensway Health Centre and Credit Valley Hospital. Trillium Health Partners is the first hospital to receive artwork from AWFC.

The artworks foundation was established by Trillium Health Partners’ physician, Dr. Michael Weinberg, who, along with other team members, creates partnerships linking hospitals with artwork donors. All of the AWFC membership has been touched by cancer and the goal is to transform hospital clinical oncology areas across the province into warm, hopeful, healing spaces for patients and their families.

Some AWFC members donated from their own collections. Additional donors are made up of artists, dealers, estates and corporations who want to improve the space where cancer patients spend their time. Each of the pieces were carefully selected with input through the cancer program Patient and Family Advisory Council.

“We are exceptionally grateful to Dr. Weinberg and the ArtWorks for Cancer Foundation for their generous donation of artwork,” said Steve Hoscheit, Trillium Health Partners Foundation president and CEO. “It’s an honour to partner with them as the first hospital beneficiary. Their investment is already having such a positive impact, giving our patients a sense of comfort and hope during their health care journey.”

Learn more at www.artworksforcancer.com.