New clinic offers shorter wait times and faster care for hip and knee arthritis patients

Patients living with hip and knee arthritis experience shorter wait times for consultation and treatment thanks to a partnership between the Mississauga Halton Local Health Integration Network (LHIN), Halton Healthcare and Trillium Health Partners (THP). Through this partnership, the Hip and Knee Central Intake and Rapid Access Clinic model is being rolled out across Ontario to help patients access the right care faster and make the health care system easier to navigate.

Since opening, the clinic has helped more than 150 patients with moderate to severe hip or knee arthritis access the right education and treatment options faster. After being referred by their primary care provider patients will be assessed by a specially-trained therapist within four weeks. During their assessment, patients will be provided with an individualized care plan that helps to avoid unnecessary appointments and procedures, including digital imaging.

The care plan can include education and recommendations for non-surgical treatment, a referral to a surgeon and faster access to knee and hip arthritis treatment is becoming more important as the senior population in our community continues to grow. Last year, THP performed 489 hip replacements and 1,175 knee replacements.

In February 2019, this model expanded with the introduction of new hospital and community-based Rapid
Access Clinics to support patients with low back pain.

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