Keeping Caledon green is not just a term, it’s a practice as revealed by the annual Tree Seedling Program. Since 2002, the town has encouraged residents to take part in the program that aims to replenish the supply of native trees that are lost each year due to development or natural events.

The town estimates, so far, almost 166,000 seeds and saplings have been given away.

“We are excited to continually offer this program to Caledon residents,” said Mayor Allan Thompson. “By making native tree stock and seedling options accessible to local residents, we are encouraging private reforestation and restoration efforts. This is one of the ways we are tackling climate change and being an environmentally responsible community.”

This year, there will be 12 potted tree and seedling types available: coniferous (white cedar, white pine and white spruce) and hardwood (red oak, silver maple, sugar maple, red maple, white birch, black cherry, red/silver cross maple, white oak and black walnut.) Prices range between $10 to $20 per bundle or sapling depending on the variety.

The trees can be ordered through the online store at You must be a resident of Caledon to order, as this is a municipally run program. They will be available for pick up in early March.

In the photo, potted sugar maple saplings.



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