Paid parking coming to Streetsville

You are going to have to start paying to park in downtown Streetsville.

The City of Mississauga has approved the new rules after studies showed people were leaving their cars parked for long periods of time.

Beginning in January, it will cost $1.50 per hour for the first two hours and $2 for the third hour of parking from Monday to Saturday between 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday between noon and 6 p.m.

The paid parking area will only affect Queen St. between Barry Ave. and Kerr St. You will also have to pay in the municipal lot located west of Queen St. between Thomas St. and Tannery St.

The move comes as a result of complaints raised by the Streetsville Business Improvement Association (BIA).

According to Tomasz Brzeziak, Mississauga’s Parking Co-ordinator, the City was approached by the BIA claiming that lingerers were becoming more of a problem as cars remained in place for several hours without leaving.

“Once we did the studies we recognized it was a problem for the BIA if people can’t find a place to park,” he said adding that all the criteria were met to make the changes for that specific area. “It’s not only a problem for the businesses but for their customers, too.”

Brzeziak acknowledged some motorists will be angry about having to pay for something they long enjoyed for free, but he pointed out there is still plenty of non-pay parking areas within a short distance of the downtown core.

He said his department is already doing the groundwork for the change which will be in the form of machines where you pay for a ticket that you display on your dashboard.

Under the plan the revenue from the parking should generate $140,000 in the first full year which will offset the cost of implementation and operation. Brzeziak said ongoing revenue generated by the paid-parking will remain in a reserve fund for future Streetsville parking projects.

As the City re-evaluates its entire parking policy, a report indicates that paid parking will be considered for more municipal lots and streets in Streetsville as well as other parts of Mississauga.


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