Enjoy hands-on family fun with film theme

Local TIFF lovers are in for a special host of family friendly activities at the Peel Art Gallery, Museum, and Archives (PAMA). This year they are teaming up with the National Film Board to explore “what it means to call Canada home” in honour of Canada150.


September is Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) month and the gallery jumped on the opportunity to tap into its popularity with their own themed event.

“We are also looking at action, so we’re calling it Lights, Camera, Action, where a lot of it has to either do with film or action oriented things,” says Erin Fernandes, Marketing Coordinator. Family fun activities occur on a monthly basis, and are self-guided, allowing families to drop in and create.

Supplies are provided by PAMA during the unstaffed event that runs from 1 – 4 in the afternoon.

“We don’t staff it but we try to create an inviting environment for people to come in and create, and I think it’s fantastic. I bring my kids all the time because it means I don’t have to get my house dirty,” says Fernandes.

The gallery creates instruction guides and pre-cut supplies needed to put together these activities. They also provide samples of film cells to encourage people to play around and create, so that they can come away with something.

“They can explore – we have a lot of hands on exhibition and different things, but it’s always nice to create something and take something away,” she explains.

They also have floor scenes from the National Film Board on what it means to call Canada home, providing inspiration for your own film cell collage.

You can also discover online the collection of films the National Film Board is currently presenting that depict homes across Canada at www.nfb.ca/Canada150.

For information on PAMA, visit: www.pama.peelregion.ca

(Pictured: Two youngsters enjoying arts and crafts at PAMA Summer Camp July 2016)

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