As the province gradually starts to recover, Ontario is creating opportunities for young people through the inaugural work and membership of the Premier’s Council on Equality of Opportunity. To further support disadvantaged youth and job seekers from underrepresented groups, the province is investing $2.2 million to help them develop the skills they need for successful careers.

“Our government is committed to breaking down barriers and ensuring everyone from all walks of life gets the opportunity to achieve their full potential,” Ford said. “To help turn lives around, I am looking forward to receiving the advice of the impressive members of our new council and seeing the results of our investment in critically important training and skills development programs.”

Premier Ford recently attended the inaugural meeting of the Premier’s Council on Equality of Opportunity to congratulate Chair Jamil Jivani and all of the new council members. The council, a key part of the government’s ongoing COVID-19 jobs and recovery efforts, is providing an avenue for young people to engage with government decision-makers and share ideas for building a diverse, skilled and future-oriented workforce. This group of multi-generational leaders will be instrumental in promoting innovation, entrepreneurship and talent with a goal of decreasing youth unemployment rates.

One of the council’s initial tasks will be to gather feedback on the Black Youth Action Plan from individuals and organizations in Ontario’s Black communities, including current program partners, business owners and executives, opportunity-minded community groups, organized labour, employment services and training agencies, chambers of commerce, business associations, places of worship, civic institutions, and more. In addition to council outreach, individuals and organizations will be invited to submit their feedback, recommendations and experiences on the Black Youth Action Plan and how to improve economic success and opportunities for Ontario’s Black communities via email to [email protected].

“It’s critical that the Government of Ontario responds to the needs of young workers in today’s economy, and I’m honoured to do my part to help as the first chair of the Premier’s Council on Equality of Opportunity,” said Jivani. “This council is made up of a talented, diverse, and inspiring group of leaders who bring tremendous expertise and life experience to this work. I’m excited for what we will accomplish together.”

The government is also investing more than $2.2 million to support eight unique projects in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) that will help nearly 500 young people and job seekers from underrepresented groups receive practical on-the-job experience in a wide variety of sectors.

As part of the government’s overall investment, $500,000 will be used to prepare 100 disadvantaged youth with training in cloud computing and programming. The 12-week program is run by Youth Employment Services in partnership with Amazon, Accenture and Fast Lane training.


Photo: Premier Doug Ford illustrates the success Ontarians are having slowing down the spread of Covid-19 compared to Quebec and some states in the US.


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