Patrick Brown makes major platform announcement

Patrick Brown, aiming to take up residence in Brampton’s mayoral office on Oct. 22, announced a major platform proposal. Joined by a crowd in front of a tennis court at Earnscliffe Park recreation center, he addressed what he believes is a deficit of top-tier sports facilities in Brampton.

“We have a community that loves sports,” he said. “We have a community that embraces recreation but we don’t have the facilities here.”

Speaking to the connection between bored youth and crime, he pointed out, “If you give young people a place to go, that is a positive diversion. You want to have a safe community and affordable recreation is a component of that.”

Brown proposes what he calls a “multi-dimensional sports stadium” that would house cricket, kabaddi, basketball, lacrosse, soccer and field hockey, which would have amenities that are attractive to local and international professional sports franchises.

He motioned to a sign posted on the tennis court fence behind him, saying, “I want our cricket clubs not to have to worry about seeing signs that say ‘No cricket allowed in tennis courts.’”

“This can be done without using significant resources from the city,” says Brown.

He cited Ottawa’s Lansdowne Park facility.

“What they did,” he explained, “They had condos at the end of the stadium, they had retail components, commercial underneath the stands. It’s now called the TD Stadium. They got a stadium built because they were able to think outside the box.”

Don’t forget to put your ballot in the box on Oct. 22.

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