Peel adds red light cameras to more locations across the region

The Region of Peel has added red light cameras (RLC) at five intersections across Peel, bringing the total to 33 locations. Red light cameras are installed at intersections as a safety measure and have shown to be an effective tool in reducing right-angle collisions and injuries.

RLCs are intended to remind drivers to slow down and avoid running red lights. The camera photographs the license plate of a vehicle that does not stop at the light and a ticket is issued by mail, to the vehicle owner.

Most recent reported statistics showed fatalities and personal injuries resulting from right-angle collisions were reduced by 81.8 per cent at 10 intersections in the direction where RLCs were installed. There was a 44.8 per cent reduction for all collision types at those intersections.

“The Region is committed to improving road safety in Peel,” said Gary Kocialek, Director of Transportation at the Region of Peel. “The Red Light Camera program is a key example of a safety initiative aimed at stopping people from getting hurt or dying in motor vehicle collisions.”

The intersections where the RLCs have been added are:

  • Derry Road West and Syntex Drive / Syntex Court
  • Queensway East and Camilla Road
  • Britannia Road West and Grossbeak Drive / Delle Donne Drive
  • Britannia Road West and Tillsdown Dr / River Grove Avenue
  • Cawthra Road and Atwater Avenue

For a complete list of locations with red light cameras, visit

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