Spring exhibitions celebrate Sikh heritage

Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives (PAMA) exhibits celebrating Sikh heritage will be on display until July 2.

Ruby C. Tut: A Journey Back Home.

Ruby C. Tut’s personal journey back to the real and imagined home of her childhood through which she explores ideas of displacement and identity. The exhibition features recent paintings and drawings translating Sikh scripture, interpreting popular Punjabi stories and representing contemporary cross-cultural themes. Tut’s work is particularly remarkable for her strict practice of past art forms and styles using traditional materials and methods associated with calligraphy and Indian miniature paintings.

Tut is a contemporary Indo-American artist based in Oakland, California. She came of age in Punjab, India but as a young child moved to America. The visual artist has a strong spiritual connection to her Punjabi Sikh background which inspires and guides her on her journey as an artist and calligrapher.

Her art depicts the decorative Mughal Miniature style and integrates her experience with her own immigration to the United States as a preteen.

Amardeep Singh: Lost Heritage: A Sikh Legacy in Pakistan.

This exhibition of photographs reflects Singapore-based Amardeep Singh’s deep connection to the land of his ancestors – a connection that impelled him to travel to Pakistan in 2014 to retrace the movement of the Sikhs eastward and to document their journey.

Singh was born in Gorakhpur, India in 1966. The Singapore-based former banker has also lived and worked in Hong Kong. He is a photographer, an author and a world traveller.

Singh describes himself as a “born wanderer” who sees himself “as a white cloud floating freely in the sky. Photography is just one small outcome of my larger wandering footprint.”

His PAMA exhibition, Lost Heritage: A Sikh Legacy in Pakistan, reflects the artist’s deep connection to the land of his ancestors, a connection that impelled him to travel to Pakistan in 2014 and again in 2017 to uncover the spiritual and architectural remnants of a rich cultural legacy of the Sikh people. Singh journeyed to over 120 villages and cities to bear witness to the once vibrant Sikh presence in part of the world in which it endures as a memory.

Visit pama.peelregion.ca for more details.

Photo: PAMA Manager Marty Brent is pleased with the latest exhibitions. Shown here is the Lost Heritage: A Sikh Legacy in Pakistan exhibit (photographs by Amardeep Singh). This exhibition is sponsored by the Sikh Foundation of Canada and guest curated by B.S. Marwah.


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