Peel Region bar owners anticipating brisk business for Mayweather Jr. and McGregor fight

It is being billed as the Fight Of the Century, and for people who want to see Saturday’s bout in Las Vegas between boxer Floyd (Money) Mayweather Jr. and mixed martial artist Conor (Notorious) McGregor there will be plenty of establishments in Peel Region showing it.

Mayweather Jr. is undefeated in 49 fights, 26 by knockout, and a five-time champion. McGregor is the reigning Ultimate Fighting Championship Lightweight Champion.

The fight has been in the making for several months and has created a lot of attention worldwide because of a four-city media tour the two fighters did.

Richard Figueiredo, owner of the Texas Longhorn in Mississauga, said the fight has the potential to match Mayweather’s highly-anticipated fight against rival boxer Manny Pacquiao in May, 2015.

“I don’t know if this is just media hype or it’s really going to be big?” Figueiredo said. “If it is successful and the media does the right thing, it could be a big night for bar owners. We anticipate having a full house. We just got our new projector. We’re going to have a nice, big viewing area. Reservations are coming in pretty steady. It’s a mixture of two different fighting styles. It’s turned into a bit of a soap opera with the guys arguing on TV and people are getting hyped up about that.”

The Texas Longhorn is not charging admission, which is costing bar owners to show it.

Adam Valenti, owner of Wendel Clark’s Classic Bar & Grill in Brampton, is charging $15 admission.

“If it was free, we wouldn’t have the door charge,” Valenti said.

He added reservations have already closed.

“It stopped last week, that’s how much the demand for this thing is,” Valenti said.

The bar is leaving open some room for walk-ins.

“No one knows (how the fight will go),” Valenti said. “The way it’s set up, you’ve got a boxer against a UFC guy. It’s kind of like an entertainment thing. Some people are saying McGregor is going to get blown out. It’s not like a typical Mike Tyson (against) Evander Holyfield thing where you’ve got boxers. All the media, they way they’ve hyped it up, has built up this demand.”

If you’re interested in watching the fight at a bar or restaurant, it’s best to make a reservation.

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