Getting the word out and making it count is part of the motivation behind Mississauga’s Poetry Slam.

As part of Poetry Month in the city during April, the event is a competition where spoken word poets face off against each other in rounds. Judges will rate the performance and through an eventual process of elimination, a winner will be declared.

The slam takes place on April 25 starting at 6 p.m. in the Noel Ryan Auditorium of the Central Library.

Judges will include Mississauga Youth Poet Laureate Pujita Verma, Ink Movement founder Maxwell Tran and poet Youseff A-R.

A number of other poetry events will be taking place throughout Mississauga in April including pre-slam workshops.

For a complete list of events, times and locations, and to find out more about becoming a participant in the slam, you can e-mail [email protected]  or call 905-615-3500.



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