Premiere comedy group returns to Brampton’s Rose

With over 700 unique, and completely unscripted, performances worldwide, the Canadian Improv Showcase has earned its billing as Canada’s premiere professional touring comedy group.

They have been performing publicly for audiences all over the world since 1997. Their bookings come mostly from word-of-mouth and they claim have never had a bad show and they return to the Studio Theatre at The Rose on August 15.

“We are thrilled to welcome back Canadian Improv Showcase, says Rose Theatre’s Programming Coordinator, Danny Harvey. “This group of talented comedians customize an incredibly entertaining and silly evening.”

The Canadian Improv Showcase was founded i n 1997 by Matthew R. Lawrence with the intention of offering a creative outlet for Canadian talent. Canadians have been a major force in the world of comedy for many years and he wanted to offer a place to nurture that amazing talent.

Since then the group has expanded into areas of entertainment that Lawrence had never dreamed of; offering workshops at schools, corporate packages, golf programmes and even an amazing programme geared towards helping rehabilitate inmates through the Healing Power of Laughter.

The group utilizes the tried, tested and true format of short-form or game style improvisation, very similar to the classic television show, Who’s Line is it Anyway. Everything is made up on the spot and guided by audience participation. It might be tempting to think that there’s a trick or helpers hidden in the audience, but this is simply not the case.

“My favourite part of watching these folks in our studio is how involved our audiences are,” says Harvey. “ You really do feel as if you are a part of the action.”

The group travels with 12 professional performers, with between 4 and 6 used for each scene and the group prides themselves on being able to perform for any audience; young and old alike. They are so confident about this that they are willing to offer a content guarantee to any worried client to provide peace of mind.

Even though they have accomplishments that range from winning awards at festivals near and far, being voted ‘best of the fest’ at both The London and Toronto Fringe Festivals, and being the only comedy performance to grace the inside of Kingston Penitentiary; the group claims to always be focused on the next scene, the next connection, and the next laugh.

If you are a fan of Improv comedy this piece is not to be missed.” Programming Coordinator, Danny Harvey

The Canadian Improv Showcase performs at The Rose Theatre on August 15 at 8p.m
Tickets are available here.

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