Mississauga politicians and commuters are reeling with the news that Queen’s Park may no longer be onboard with the long-anticipated Hurontario LRT. This week, the provincial NDP suggested Doug Ford’s Conservative government may be back-peddling on the plan.

The LRT (light rapid transit) line is planned to travel the length of Mississauga, allowing a more efficient route for commuters to travel north-south from the Port Credit GO station to the Brampton border with connections to east-west transit, especially that of the 403 express bus lane.

At a cost of $1.4 billion, and with most of the funds coming through Queen’s Park, the LRT is at the core of Mississauga’s long-range transit program. It was a key component of the interconnected regional transit plan developed by the previous Liberal provincial government.

However, the NDP says the new Conservative government is not embracing the plan and a spokesperson for the government was non-committal either way. In a released statement, the spokesperson said the government was interested in “effective transit projects that achieve the best value for our customer.”  They would not address the Mississauga project directly.

Preliminary work on the project is expected to begin this month and is expected to take two years to complete. The version that is on the table is a scaled back plan as Brampton declined to become part of the project.

Mississauga officials have stated they believe the LRT will proceed as planned and have not heard otherwise from Queen’s Park, however, without provincial funding they acknowledge the project cannot proceed.

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