Peel board chair: public education empowers people; supports democracy, equity and inclusion

At their annual meeting on Dec. 4, Peel District School Board trustees acclaimed Janet McDougald, trustee for Mississauga wards 1 and 7, as chair. McDougald has been a trustee for 29 years, has served as chair for 20 years and was previously vice-chair for three years. Suzanne Nurse, trustee for Brampton wards 2 and 6, was acclaimed as vice-chair. Nurse is starting her 12th year in public office.

McDougald shares her thoughts on the importance of a good education that empowers and supports inclusion.

“As we head into an election year, we must continue to stand up for and protect public education,” she says. “Public education empowers people, and supports democracy, equity and inclusion. Good governance plays a critical role in overcoming inequalities in education. I’m confident that together we can, through continuous progress on equity, achieve inclusion for all.

“This is our most important work, and sometimes, it’s our most challenging work because we are faced with opponents to what is right, just and good—opponents to a society, to a school system—where every child, every adult, should feel safe, respected, welcomed and included. We have been courageous and transparent in our work on anti-Black racism and our We Rise Together work, and we will continue to do so. We also remain committed to achieving inclusion for all through the continued support of marginalized students—our Black male students, our LGBTQ+ and Indigenous students, students who live in poverty, and our students with special education needs.”

Photo: Janet McDougald, Peel District School Board chair.


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