Regarding Space: Cynthia Greig and Vid Ingelevics at PAMA

Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives (PAMA) presents a collaborative photography show featuring the works of Michigan-based artist Cynthia Greig and Toronto’s Vid Ingelevics. Regarding Space: Cynthia Greig and Vid Ingelevics opens on July 19 and runs until September 30.

The exhibition brings together works by two well-known contemporary photographers that look at institutional spaces in which art is normally viewed. In their large-scale colour photographs, Greig and Ingelevics shift focus away from the art intended for the visitors’ view, to the gallery space itself. Gallery goers are encouraged to reflect on the relationship between works of art and the exhibition environment where they are hung.

“This exhibition utilizes the photographic image of the gallery interior as a window unto the exhibition landscape in the hope of raising awareness that the spatial context in which we view art influences our reception of it,” said Sharona Adamowicz-Clements, PAMA curator. “Greig and Ingelevics encourage us to think about our own role as spectators (sometimes turned spectacles) and consider how the spaces in which we view art affect our appreciation of it.”

Cynthia Greig’s work draws inspiration from her diverse background in photography, printmaking, film, art history and museums. Her award-winning photographs and videos have been exhibited throughout the United States and abroad.

Vid Ingelevics, a Toronto-based artist, writer and independent curator, currently holds the position of photography program director at the Ryerson University School of Image Arts, where he also teaches. His artwork and curatorial projects have been shown in solo and group exhibitions across Canada, the United States and Europe.

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Photo: Regarding Space: Cynthia Greig and Vid Ingelevics opens on July 19 and runs until September 30 at PAMA.

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