Riverstone Golf Club to become new recreation centre for east Brampton

Brampton City Council has authorized the purchase of Riverstone Golf Club, located near McVean Drive and Queen Street East. Plans include renovation of the existing clubhouse to become a new recreation centre to service Brampton’s east side.

The amount set in the purchase agreement is $9 million, plus a $2.6 million contribution for capital improvements to convert the clubhouse into a recreation centre. Planned renovations include improvements to the pool area, expansion of the change rooms and fitness areas, the inclusion of several multipurpose rooms, new signage, accessibility upgrades, along with other interior and exterior improvements.

The surrounding golf course property will be re-naturalized by the city, in cooperation with the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. A conservation area with recreational trails will be created, allowing for conservation of the West Humber tributary. Redside dace, an endangered species of fish, will be provided with a protected habitat through the initiative.

With the population in Brampton’s east side growing rapidly, recreational facilities in the area are limited and the Parks and Recreation master plan recommends adding seniors’ recreation opportunities to the area. As such, an emphasis will be made on programming to the meet the needs of older adults at the new Riverstone Community Centre, while also servicing residents of all ages. The centre will offer programs similar to the Flower City Seniors Recreation Centre, with the added features of aquatics and fitness facilities on site.

“This property will be a great addition for the residents of Brampton,” said Michael Palleschi, city councillor and community services chair. “Re-naturalizing the 60-plus acres of valley lands has huge potential benefits to wildlife, as well as expanding the city’s network of pedestrian and cycling trails.”

The target date for the opening of the new recreation centre is the spring of 2019.

The photo, courtesy of Riverstone Golf Club, shows the West Humber tributary and surrounding green space slated to become a conservation area.

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