Safe Place Program launches for LGBTQ+ community

Peel Regional Police recently announced the launch of the Safe Place program.

The program partners with the residents and businesses in the Region of Peel, to assist victims of hate-motivated crime and incidents in the LGBTQ+ community. It provides a secure location for victims to report a hate-motivated crime and to get the assistance they need, with compassion and dignity.

Businesses that wish to sign-up for the program can pledge their commitment online using the Safe Place pledge form. Once the pledge is made, the business will receive a specially designed Safe Place sticker to be placed prominently on their front window. The sticker will serve to notify members of the LGBTQ+ community that the business and its staff are committed to providing safety to the victim by allowing them to enter their business, provide them with shelter and safety and by assisting the victim in contacting police to report hate-motivated crimes and incidents. Organizations participating in this program must commit to training their employees and/or volunteers.

“Hate-motivated incidents continue to occur and that is an unacceptable reality,” said Chief Jennifer Evans. “It is therefore important that as a community, we work together to send a message of unity and support to all members of the LGBTQ+ community represented in the Region of Peel. I am happy to say that Peel Regional Police are working with local businesses to strengthen that unity. We would like to thank Brampton and Mississauga Board of Trade for participating and getting this to all their members. This promotes our vision of a safer community together.”

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